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Eyewear: Your Wardrobe Needs This Missing Accessory

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Why is it that we are willing to spend hundreds (even thousands of dollars) on accessories each year to complete our personal look, but most of us stick to one pair of glasses every day? What we wear is a direct reflection of how we want to be seen. We define who we are by our clothing, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories, giving us a feeling of self-confidence and expression. And yet, so many of us are missing that eyewear is another piece to this equation of self-expression through fashion.

Wearing glasses or sunglasses is much more intimate than other accessories we tend to hold value in. Eyewear is like jewelry for the face. It frames your eyes, it gives your face character, and it allows you to give an immediate first impression of who you are to those around you. Why would we want to be perceived the same every day? We have multiple facets to our personalities and wearing a frame is like a window into each of those. Eyewear is the missing accessory your wardrobe needs.

On a recent trip abroad, it was profoundly clear that Europeans more willingly embrace this concept. Like finely curated jewelry, they celebrate the artistry that designers are creating in eyewear and make it a stand-out piece in their ensemble. An investment, yes, but it appears that to them, the idea of spending more on high-quality products in fashion is acceptable and should be a part of how we represent ourselves. Owning several frames in their eyewear collection to fit with their daily mood and choice of clothing is only natural.

In America, it seems we are more hesitant to put the investment into building such a collection. We haven’t grasped yet the value of spending on quality eyewear that can be worn for years to come or that we can allow ourselves the luxury of wearing different frames to accentuate our faces and personal style. We build other accessory collections without wincing at the cost or mulling over whether we should make the purchase. Eyewear should be the same.

There are brands beginning to break this barrier and influencing consumers to see the worth in eyewear as a distinctive component to one’s personal image. For instance, Jacques Marie Mage has a plethora of celebrities donning the line, but it’s the stand out star Jeff Goldblum with his endless frame choices that we are finally beginning to have the “Aha!” moment. Then you have Kuboraum with the likes of Lady Gaga and Oprah sporting their frames. There is no denying Oprah has an extensive eyewear collection, and nowadays we look to see what glasses she is going to wear next and how we can find something similar. And although we hate to admit it, thanks to social media and celebrity influence, the American market is realizing more than ever that we can invest more in personal items that establish how we want to look and be viewed.

The truth is, we don’t have to be current eyewear enthusiasts to get this concept. We all love to look our best, wear what makes us feel confident and put together, but also sets us apart. Eyewear is the most defining element we can use in our wardrobe. What we wear on our face is just as important as the custom suit we have made or the jewelry we have designed for us.

Trust these opticians, it’s worth the investment.

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