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Handmade Eyewear: 5 Independent Brands We Recommend You Try NOW

Updated: May 17, 2022

So, you’ve been wearing the same tortoiseshell glasses you got from a large chain store for FAR too long and you have decided you want to find a look that makes you unique amongst the crowd. The problem is that you aren’t quite sure where to find such eyewear and have no clue as to the difference between the average frame and independent brands that are far superior in quality and creative design. That’s where we can help you.

With over 20 years of business under our belts, L’optique is not your run-of-the-mill optical shop. We specialize in eyewear brands from around the world that are the definition of independent specialty frame makers. The truth is that materials, design, and true artisans make independent eyewear a much more one-of-a-kind product that’s highly durable. These eyewear enthusiasts create frames that are not mass-produced and most are handmade. We want to help expand your eyewear knowledge and give you 5 brands we recommend you try on your new path to finding that look you’ve been craving.


If natural materials speak to you, then Rigards is a line you won’t want to pass on. Patina copper, genuine horn, and sterling silver are among the materials used in these beautifully crafted pieces. Handmade with the utmost attention to detail defines the mission of Rigards. Clever design is present in every frame, think unique magnetic sun clips paired with equally expressive glasses. Fashion enthusiasts and inner artists will fan out on this brand.

Anne et Valentin

Let’s talk about a line that should be a staple in your newfound love of eyewear. Anne et Valentin was founded 30 years ago by a couple in Toulouse, France dreaming to design frames that were made in their homeland and bursting with the creativity that they felt lacked in the optical market. These frames are full of personality and are made from the highest quality acetate and titanium materials. You will be charmed by their playful shapes and dreamy color palettes. We highly recommend you not pass up on the chance to give this line a try.


Now here is a brand that is the definition of far out of the box and will make you happily journey out of your comfort zone. Wearing a Kuboraum mask is like stepping into a new character that you have always wanted to emulate. As the creators put it, “Choosing eyewear which is also a mask while looking in the mirror and perceiving one differently.” You will find that each pair of Kubraum is unique and the true epitome of handcrafted. Dreamed in Berlin and Handmade in Italy, your inner punk fashionista or Gaga will love every Kuboraum mask created.


Maybe you are thinking that a bold or statement frame isn’t your style. Minimalism can still have distinctive design elements and a uniqueness that sets them apart. Handmade in Berlin, Mykita has revolutionized the typical hinge with a coil mechanism that allows for flexibility and strength. What this means is no screws are required. You will never have to worry about those pesky screws coming loose. Made from surgical stainless steel and acetate, Mykita frames maintain featherlight weight with durability that can outlast other brands of eyewear. The engineer in us all will appreciate this line.


Bright colors, mixed patterns, and asymmetry are all characteristics of the Belgian line Theo. You will love their playfulness and keen eye for cutting-edge design. Their frames simply bring life to the party and smiles to the faces that wear them and those that see them. In fact, part of Theo’s mission is to bring happiness to glasses-wearers everywhere. They use the highest quality acetate, titanium, and aluminum to bring you a rainbow of colored eyewear. Quirky yet sophisticated, you will be different from the rest wearing Theo.

By now you are feeling like you can’t wait to dive into the world of independent eyewear. Why settle for the same old thing or trend everybody else is wearing? These lines are a great starting point to get you to venture into new heights. They are inspiring and carefully crafted to bring you a product that can be worn for years to come. You will always feel like an individual in a frame from artisan brands like these. Check out our website for more inspo or follow us on Instagram @opticaldivaz to see what else we have up our sleeves. Cheers to your new journey in eyewear!

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