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We offer a wide arrange of lens manufacturers using the latest technologies and designs. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of lenses to our clients with customization as a top priority. Each of our manufacturers offer the newest technology in optics, anti-reflective coatings, sun protection, blue light protection and lens materials. We strive to give you the comfort of the thinnest lenses possible with the best optics
for your prescription.

Our Lens Manufacturers


Zeiss: Known not only as a leading lens manufacturer but also a known leader in optoelectronics, Zeiss's catalogue of progressive, digital, and single vision lenses have you covered for whatever your daily needs are. We recommend speaking with one of our optician's on the benefits of their DriveSafe or SmartLife series. 

Varilux: Highly recommended by doctors world wide, this progressive lens manufacturer strives for the sharpest optical clarity progressives can provide. Tired of the restriction of the hourglass corridor? Try their X series for a wider viewing range and the most update technology in lens design. Our opticians also recommend their Physio W3 for an easy to wear everyday progressive with smooth transitions between viewing points. 


Shamir: Leaders in producing high-performance lenses, Shamir has created a series of progressives that are custom-designed for the wearers demands. They specialize in giving you comfort in a larger intermediate range. We recommend the Intelligence for the most current technology and widest viewing range. At a computer day in and day out? Try the Autograph III series with a customizable corridor and wider intermediate portion for the best visual acuity. 

Hoya: A long established and trusted manufacturer in the optical field, Hoya offers visual clarity based on your individual needs. Whether you work tediously up-close or maybe your a digital junkie (hey, we're all guilty of it), this lens producer has you covered. 


Seiko: No matter what your lifestyle or prescription needs are, Seiko has created lenses using highly developed technology that give the wearer the clearest optics and the best aesthetics for frame compatibility. Their technology has made the back and forth between distances smooth, comfortable, and easily adaptable.


No matter what your desires are, we have you covered in making your lenses with the finest in protection, clarity, and the aesthetics you have been wishing for. We offer premium

anti-reflective coatings, blue light technology, and sun protection. Want to add a bit of style to your lenses? An array of mirror coatings and lens tints are at your disposal. 

Anti-Reflective Coatings


Zeiss anti-reflective coatings: Made to complement each of their lens designs, Zeiss has created premium coatings that provide the highest quality in lens protection and reduction of glare. 


Crizal anti-reflective coatings: These coatings have been an industry go-to for quality coatings that supply superior optics, scratch protection, and lens cleanliness. 

Blue Light Protection

We offer lens coatings specifically made for the reduction of harmful blue light exposure or blue protection material that is built into the lens technology to give you the protection you need.

Sun Protection


Photochromic lenses: Tired of going back in forth between sunglasses and your ophthalmics? You can have the convenience of wearing lenses that change color to your specific surroundings, allowing your eyes to adapt more comfortably while providing you with the necessary UV protection. We offer Zeiss PhotoFusion and Transitions.


Polarized Lenses: Whether you are an avid boater or you just like to stroll outside, we offer polarized sun lenses to give you the most UV protection and the highest reduction of intense glare. 


Mirror Coated Lenses: Add a bit of panache to your sun lenses with a colorful mirror coating.


Fashion Tints and Custom Tints: Whether you want a slight color hue or a deep green sun lens, we can create whatever color aesthetic you are wanting for your finished look. 

Clip-ons: Just want something to wear with your current frame? We offer two styles of sun clips, a magnetic design by Chemistrie Clip and a custom lightweight metal. Each clip is made to your specifications with lenses customizable too. 


Lose a screw or something worse?

We have you covered. Maybe your script has changed. We have you taken care of there too.

Repairs: Whether it be a tiny missing screw or something more, we take thorough action to help resolve the issue with your eyewear. 


Frame maintenance: Over time any frame may need a tune-up. Whether it’s an acetate in need of a polish or a loose screw, we will be sure to help you keep your frame in the best possible condition. 


Lens cutting and prescription change: We edge all our lenses in-house and pride ourselves on the quality and timely manner in which we do so. Our turn around is much faster than most optical practices due to our expert in-house edging. We are happy to update your prescription in frames bought at L’optique or from anywhere with customer consent. We will always give a thorough inspection of your frame beforehand and discuss the risks of lens change with you. 


Accessories Available For Purchase


OYOBox: Store your eyewear collection in one of these stunningly crafted boxes.


Turchin Eyering Necklaces: Beautifully designed necklaces and chains for your frames. 

Le Kevin Eyeglass Holders: Colorful leather necklace eyeglass holders for a cool everyday aesthetic. 

Discounts and Events

When purchasing multiple pairs of frames with lenses, we offer a special discount worth asking your optician about. 

We offer personal and private shopping. Contact your preferred location and we can arrange a time that suits your schedule to have a one-on-one private shopping experience at L'optique. 

Special Events: We love supporting our clients and local businesses. If you have a special event you would like to take place at one of our locations, please contact Hannah at to inquire.




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