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No More Digital Eyestrain With These Blue Light Protective Lenses

Calling all digital nomads and screen-addicted humans around the world, your eyes are screaming for a break. Ever notice you feel that you have eye fatigue, blurred vision, discomfort, or even worse, headaches after a day of work at your laptop or scrolling through your feed? The reason is blue light, and it is causing some major strain on those beautiful eyes of yours.

As long-time opticians, we know the effects that blue light can have on us. Hey, we are guilty of the screen love affair too! That’s why we keep up with the latest lens protection to keep these symptoms at bay. There are many coatings now made specifically to help filter out harmful blue light we are so frequently exposed to with device usage. We can hear what you are saying now. “But I hate that blueish-purple reflection you see on the lenses with those coatings.” We have a solution for that too!

Zeiss BlueGuard lenses allow you to have the protection you need without distracting reflections and unsightly yellow tints. No coating here, Zeiss has built this technology into the lens itself. This means better protection for your precious eyes. With the organic-chemical technology blended into the lens material, blue light reflections are reduced by up to 50 percent in comparison to other blue light anti-reflective coatings. That’s not all! These lenses block 40 percent of harmful blue light while also giving you full UV protection. Win-win!

Want more bang for your buck? Further block blue light to your already protective BlueGuard by adding photochromic. Zeiss’s new PhotoFusion X lenses use BlueGuard material and tints upon sun exposure to give you the sun protection you also desperately need. If you want convenience and are tired of keeping up with another frame, here is an option for you. PhotoFusion X lenses give you the convenience of a sunglass while also adding more protection against harmful blue light. These lenses block 100 percent of UV radiation and increase your blue light protection by up to 50 percent indoors and up to 94 percent outdoors.

Who wants to keep working through the pain when there are solutions? Harmful blue light can cause an array of symptoms from digital eyestrain. Eye pain, fatigue, and visual discomfort can be a thing of the past for you. Ask any of our opticians about the benefits of blue light prevention and if Zeiss BlueGuard or PhotoFusion X lenses are good options for your lifestyle. Make an appointment today to find the relief you need.

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